Tomorrow, Clean Water For The First Time!

Bigman is 75 years old. Thanks to you, she'll have clean water for the first time.

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March 19, 2023
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Bigman is 75 years old. Thanks to you, she'll have clean water for the first time.

Bigman is 75 years old. Thanks to you, she'll have clean water for the first time.

Hi everyone, from Ghana.

It's getting late here (so excuse the typos!), but I wanted to take minute to update you on the incredible work you are making possible for people in need of clean water.

Saha Global is not your typical water charity. For starters, there are no handpumps or drilling rigs, or expensive gear that might quickly breakdown.

Instead their entire approach is practical. Thoughtful and smart.

I'll expand on their work later. But in short, using rivers and streams nearby, they train women in the community to gather the water, treat it in large drums (with widely-available and effective alum and chlorine tablets), and then sell it to their neighbors at an affordable price. Basically, setting up a small business.

Thanks to your support, we visited a village, named Yaakorbdor, that will get clean water tomorrow!

Before water flows.

Today we watched as Saha staff went door to door, passing out free blue buckets.

They spent precious time with each family, explaining how to keep their bucket clean. How their kids should use it. And where it should sit in the house.

This community has NEVER had clean water before. So knowing how to protect your water is a new concept.

(Also, it’s not enough to just provide clean water at the source. It must be clean when people take a drink!)

Under the mango tree.

Afterwards, the entire community met under a mango tree. People were encouraged to ask questions. Their questions were GREAT.

Questions about rainwater. And what happens if someone from another village would like clean water, too? And, will the size of the tank fill enough for everyone?

Then, the three women nominated to run the water treatment kiosk were introduced.

At the end, the community became electric with excitement.

Women start cheering.

This is it. I think it dawned on everyone what’s about to happen.

Today’s the last day they will walk to the river for dirty water. Tomorrow, everything changes.

In the center of the commotion, an older woman shuffles forward toward us, a walking stick in one hand.

We lean down and she says, "I've been waiting my whole life for this."

"When you see me tomorrow, I might fall on the floor. Because I'll be dancing."

Bigman, 75 years old.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds. I’m crossing fingers I can get some internet in the evening to send another update.

Whether you’re a monthly Collective member, a long-time supporter, or brand new here (welcome!), know that tonight there is a community abuzz with excitement. Thanks to you.

Becky Straw


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